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What's your favorite all you can eat buffet restaurant?

There was a great local Chinese one that I loved and went to twice a month for years.😅 It was so good. Sadly it's out of business now😔

Most of the ones in Las Vegas. I think my favorite is the one at The Flamingo casino and hotel.

94th Aero Squadron, but I think it only has the buffet for special occasions, not sure.

I haven't been there since ages ago, but there's a place called verdanna grill here that's quite impressive.

I'm quite fond of Zarzar Bazzar in Bristol - not the best food, but its a giant warehouse full of all the cuisines you could think off and you can see the kitchens making it all fresh for you. Depending on if I'm really fancying decent sushi, Sakura in Manchester is pretty good, its a bit different as you order rounds via a tablet and it comes to you, but you do get fined for wasting food.

I generally avoid places where the food just sits there while you wait for Barbara and Fred to freakin move their asses so you can get another helping of lukewarm and oddly congealed mac and cheese... but I do like the Brazilian steakhouses where they are happy to serve you another hunk of meat whenever you're ready, like Fogo de Chao

I know none of these close by. There simply is only a single pub here. To be honest I would not know one around here at all.

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