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Daniel · 7 answers · 3y

Why is Switzerland so rich?

Their cheese and chocolate has invaded the rest of the world, fattening up their competitors so that they cannot get up to fight back, therefore leaving all the money for the taking.

Dingus · 5 answers · 3y

Have you a problem with the dark ? 🌑 🌚🌑👀🌑

Daniel · 14 answers · 3y

Do you assume that someone with a phd is intelligent?

I assume they are educated, but have learned not to automatically assume that means they are also intelligent.

Dingus · 5 answers · 3y

What's poppin' lockin' and never stoppin', home-slice 🌚

Alice 💋 · 12 answers · 3y

Have you ever been involved in a Twitter war? And if so, what was the disagreement over?

I stopped commenting on potentially problematic posts because people can't have differing opinions anymore without it becoming a warzone. Last argument I was dragged into was my misgendering of a fictional character, and how that showed I have no decency and am a transphobe. Kay.

Daniel · 14 answers · 3y

Would you like to be a teenager again?

I would like to make some better decisions when I was a teen, but I wouldn't like being pushed around by hormones again

LaDamaX · 11 answers · 3y

Im sure I’ve asked before, but what time is dinner time in your region/country? What do you call it— dinner, supper, or?

during the week around 6pm, on the weekend there is no set time. We call it Dinner, or Cena.

Daniel · 11 answers · 3y

Why do some people like you?

I've been told I'm quite accommodating, but I've also been told I can be too blunt, so maybe people find enjoyment in being in the unique space of comfort and discomfort that I provide :P

Merida · 11 answers · 3y

What if your ex sent you a text message saying "I wanna sex you up"?

Alice 💋 · 8 answers · 3y

The Cleveland Indians will be renamed Cleveland Guardians. Washington Redskins are also undergoing a name change. Are you pleased with Native American themed sports names going the way of the dodo?

I'm indifferent to it, happy for those who genuinely felt offended by them getting some closure or understanding, but I never felt those sports names were offensive so perhaps I am not the best person to ask about these results.

Daniel · 8 answers · 3y

What seems magical to you?

Forests, they are eternal by design it is so amazing when you think about them. Even when trees die, they don't just pile up, forests can replenish themselves through insects and decomposition, creating perfect conditions for new life to grow, creating an eternal cycle.

Dingus · 6 answers · 3y

You're now in charge. What changes are you willing to make if any?

Onion Taxes will be swift and harsh, learn to cook with other ingredients fools! MUAHAHAHA

Merida · 8 answers · 3y

Does Life get better when you learn to wish the best to others?

Yes. Life gets much better when we learn to forgive, when we learn to grow, and most importantly when we learn to be genuinely grateful, when we appreciate what we have now we can find lasting joy.

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