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What do you associate with the following words: triangle, silicon, 2009, ripped, moneyboy, tiktok, herpes, formspring, gradual, fabric

isosceles, valley, Obama false hope, abs, never heard this word used before, unfunny pranks, LIES it's not true who have you been talk to????, the O-est of OG Q&A, slow, softener

triangle: 180 in flat

silicon: lithography

2009: simpler times

ripped: off

moneyboy: ?

tikok: STOP posting about […] !

herpes: simplex

formspring: prehistoric q&a

gradual: without steps

fabric: interwoven thing

Triangle: Equilateral triangles (nice), Sierpinski triangle (cool)

Silicon: Silicon valley (the place and also a weird N64 game), silicone - fake booba

2009: Bad year, suffering with obsession

Ripped: Muscular

Moneyboy: ?, Richie Rich

Tiktok: zoomers, the CCP collecting personal data

Herpes: disgust

Formspring: good times, shitty website owners, 'BATAF'

Gradual: slope

Fabric: material, "fabric of reality"

Isosceles, Valley, pre 2010?, weight training, ,no idea, youthful, shingles/chickenpox/STD, diversity, aging, scissors.

pyramide, M1, broke, skeleton, golden Buddha, adolescence, STD, former fun, greyscale, spacetime.

Pythagoras, tech industry, a certain phase of my life, jeans, swag, onlyfans, „If you love something let it go, but down be surprised if it comes back with herpes“, my hour of fame, metaphysics, clothing

Triangle. Triangle man hates particle man..

Silicon: computers, silicon valley, fake breasts, silica gel

Ripped: muscular, ripped genes

Moneyboy: never heard of it. reminds me of fuckboy.

Tiktok: bad, short videos, millennials

Herpes: the gift that keeps on giving, cold sores, mild STD, relationships

Formspring: first predecessor to ModernSpring, Darin "Stevenson" (I only joined Formspring because he was on it.)

Gradual: gradients, continuums, planes, trigonometry

Fabric: fabric, clothes, sheets, JOANN Fabric and Crafts

trigonometry, silicone, new year's eve, music, playboy, fun, spear, nostalgia, gradient, factory

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