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What's your favorite thing to do that bring peace to your inner souls?

my favorite things to do that bring peace are baking, crocheting, and reading books. well mungkin karena hal-hal tadi butuh fokus, so my mind will automatically turn off or just... quiet. it brings me a lot of peace, really. aku suka banget baca buku dan merajut di malam hari daripada siang hari karena lebih fokus aja dan.. jadi tenang. rasanya kaya lagi meditasi aja tapi mata dan tangan aku tetap kerja

Journalling. I think it’s when I’m the most honest, especially to myself. I find peace while trying to process my emotions and trying to understand myself, and I feel more peaceful and at ease each time I finished doing it!

Main CA, hehe. Tapi sejujurnya gue biasa nonton/tidur aja sih, kalau lagi rajin biasa jalan-jalan lihat pemandangan.

Sleep. I'm that easy to fix.

Or not. I usually read a book or two, finish some quests in games, taking a silly walk like I'm somewhere over 50... things like that.

eating ice cream! and probably gathering and talking with my friends and family

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