Resembles an evening tea time with cups of delight! Delicate n’ Dainty.

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Yelaena. · 3mo

emlo, rora! ♥︎ i really love your setup <3

Juliette Demetria · 9 answers · 4mo

Hi temen-temen! boleh drop ur fav playlist/song ngga? aku lagi pengembaraan genre (alias mau coba eksplor genre baru nih)

Little Lilys · 4mo

do u set your eyes for someone?

hi there, i didn’t expect such a question. but, as for now, the answer is no. i don’t set my eyes on anyone at the moment..

Emmeline. · 29 answers · 5mo

kalian punya gak song(s) yang udah diputer ribuan kali juga tetep gak bosen-bosen? like the songs still feel the same as the first time you listen to it?

i do have one.. the title is it’s the way you make me feel by steps! i came across the song back in elementary school :] and to this day, it hasn’t lost its appeal

Little Lilys · 5mo

don't forget to put a beautiful smile on your pretty face, you did a great job today. a sprinkle of four leaf clover to (hopefully) makes your day better 🍀✨🧚‍♀️ good luck for the rest of 2024, sweetlings — c

hi, dear! thank you for reminding me to wear a smile and acknowledging the efforts of today. wishing you all the best in return and sending gratitude your way 💝

Little Lilys · 5mo

thankyou so much for being a strong person until now, keep it up! i'm so proud of you. 🤍

my dear, dear sender. by receiving this heartful message, i want to express my sincere gratitude for your kind words at a time when i really need it. thank you 💖

Little Lilys · 6mo

hai! aku sender ssefnum. ♡ terima kasih telah bertahan sejauh ini, semoga di tahun yang akan datang kamu bisa menjadi jauh lebih kuat, jauh lebih hebat dan jauh lebih baik. aku bangga sama kamu──‌dan aku pikir semua orang bangga sama kamu. ♡ jangan lupa untuk berdoa menurut kepercayaanmu agar kebahagiaan serta segala harapanmu terwujud, semoga Tuhan selalu melindungimu. ♡ -🕊

hi, dearest sender! apologies for the late response.. thank you so much for your kind words, aku bener bener lagi butuh itu sekarang. may all the kindness you’ve spread can lead you to success. sekali lagi, terima kasih banyak ya! 💗

Nadine · 137 answers · 6mo

If you had the opportunity to study a mystery, which one place would you find interesting?
A. Space
B. Undersea

𐙚 · 16 answers · 6mo

As we step into the third week of December, how has your month been thus far? Come on, give it a rating!

i give it a 5/10 since, in my opinion, this month stands out as the busiest in 2023..

Gwen · 9 answers · 6mo

i'll be redoing my car spotify playlist, can u guys suggest me a song?

fictional - khloe rose
chaconne - enhypen
the boy - lullaboy
close as strangers - 5sos
we own the night - the wanted

Theo. · 14 answers · 6mo

Hi boleh saranin gw lagu yang cocok buat yang lagi kasmaran gak? :)

khai · 27 answers · 7mo

Are there any films/series u have been watching lately? saranin aku film/drama yang seru dong.

Werren · 8 answers · 7mo

Hi, Werrentuals! Apa kalian ada rekomendasi movie/series dari berbagai genre?

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