Miel Delaney.
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Anonymous Coward · 6mo

Are you ready to be in love again?

I'm always ready to fall in love again because, for me, the feeling of falling in love is always thrilling and also brings happiness! :D

Nadine · 80 answers · 7mo

Kalian beli paketan internet berapa gb yang bener-bener pas untuk sebulan?

Bibi! ⊹ ࣪ ˖ · 7 answers · 7mo

My dearest buddies, Merry Christmas. May your life filled with joy and blessing all the time. God bless you. Bianca loves yoou. ♥︎

Nadine · 97 answers · 7mo

Hi pals, what's your current fav song?

My current favorite song is Taylor Swift - “Now That We Don't Talk (Taylor's version)” or maybe almost all the songs on the 1989 album!

Agael · 8mo

Hey, how’s your day?

my twinnie! 😺 my day so far is super good! i do a lot of things even though i'm a little sleepy but that's okay. how about your day? i hope you always have a lovely day and happiness always surrounds you! 🤍

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Mau tanya dong, ini akun rp atau sejenis cyber yg masih related rl? gua bingung sama beberapa isi tweet lo

hallo, aku gatau kamu bingung sama tweet aku yang mana. tapi ini akun cyber yaa! 😺

Joshea Perrin · 8mo

If you were a cat, what kind of cat are you?

Langit · 13 answers · 8mo

How do you guys distract your mind when you've nothing to do?

maybe, doing things I like. like watching movies or dramas, playing games and listening to music all day long.

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