Avery Grambs · 13 answers · 12mo

What’s your honest opinion about Gwyneth (dollxs) ? I’m curious. Very.

We don't know each other that well yet because we've only interacted through Retrospring so far, but I think Gwyneth is a sweet, kind-hearted girl who always spreads positive energy around her. I think it would be great if we became friends and got to know each other better from now on, rite?

Hi, neth! jujur kamu lucu banget, such a person who will enjoy and connect with every kind of conversation. TERUS, you're so kind and warm! thanks a lot for sending your cute questions. hopefully happiness always surrounds you! 🌷🤍

You’re cute yet classy mutual and you’re so pretty too. < 3 I’m so happy to see you mingle well with everyone. Let’s get closer.

You, a girl with beautiful heart and soul. I love to see you around in my retrospring. Thank you for being exist 💜

according to my experience on rave accounts, kamu tuh punya personality yang BAGUSS!! setiap lihat kamu kaya selalu dapet energi positif dan ada rasa pengen temenan deket. Gwen maniss, humble, suka usaha buat interact sama semua mutualnya, utamanya gwen secantik itu???!1!!!1!1

I don’t know you personally. But you seem kind and very thoughtful to have this daily check up questions. That’s very much sweet of you!

You're far beyond pretty and I always adore the way you interact with your friends <3

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