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Cece · 5 answers · 4mo

Besok senin, ada kegiatan apa aja nih?

finding nala 🕵🏻‍♀️ · 32 answers · 4mo

menurut kalian, orang yang gampang cut off tanpa alasan jelas itu termasuk red flag gak?

Lara Croft · 8 answers · 4mo

makanan yg ga akan pernah bosen dimakan tiap hari tu apa ya?

finding nala 🕵🏻‍♀️ · 34 answers · 4mo

ada yang punya saran harus makan apa selain bubur kalo lagi sakit❓ :0

Kas. · 14 answers · 4mo

What’s your all time favorite series/film?

𝒜smara · 12 answers · 3mo

Do you mind recommending me one or two songs that have been lingering in your ears these days? I think my playlist needs more new tunes.

H. · 13 answers · 3mo

Weekend nanti enaknya joging jam 5 subuh atau nyantai di pantai pas sore hari?

Miles. · 4mo

What's your favorite book/movie that you could watch or read over and over again?

Forrest Gump, Any Marvel Movies. Kalau buku mungkin The Comfort Book by Matt Haig! How about you?

finding nala 🕵🏻‍♀️ · 38 answers · 4mo

if you were a colour, what colour would you be?

Khaki ig, because I like neutral things. Yet dark navy or dark gray for something bolder

naomi. · 19 answers · 4mo

thoughts about nyomi? please feed my ego. 🥺♥️

You have a charm that is incredibly friendly. Your warm and approachable demeanor create a welcoming atmosphere wherever you go. Yet you're so expressive, kayaknya sambil temenan juga bisa bisa sambil diroasting (anyone would finds you loveable, platonically)

Miles. · 3 answers · 4mo

Any plans for today guys? (intentionally to get close)

Cece · 2 answers · 4mo

Selamat pagi! Sarapan apa hari ini?

I skip my breakfast because it was hectic this morning. But I got bento box for lunch!

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