Kas. · 16 answers · 3mo

What’s your all time favorite series/film?

hospital playlist, high school musical, princess diaries, and from up on poppy hills

my list quite packed but i really love zathura and avatar (that blue avatar), also i'm such a sucker for any kind of heist movie or series!!🕵🏻‍♂️

Hospital Playlist (I could rewatch this series for 100 times!), Wild Child, The Princess Diaries, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo! 🔛🔝

Insidious, Conjuring, and Money Heist. I’ve watched each of them so many times that I practically know every scene by heart!

aku selalu menjawab dead poets society kalau menjawab all time favorite!! it really is my all time favorite. comfort movieku lainnya include 10 things i hate about you (which i’ve frequently mentioned too), the shawshank redemption, dan flipped!

ooh… 😮‍💨 this is hard, but if i had to pick one, then i’ll go with… hidden love? could’ve said my liberation notes or the story of park’s marriage contract but the endings aren’t satisfying. hidden love might be a very basic answer, but hidden love it is; the casts, the plots, the soundtracks, the cinematography, and the feelings it makes me feel! 🤍

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