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thoughts about nyomi? please feed my ego. 🥺♥️

Telat nggak balesnya? Nyomi sangat social butterfly tapi sangat lucu dan adek-able. Suka ngelawak

my little naomi <3 selalu lucu dan menyenaaaangkan cekali. you are that ‘oh! that’s my girl!’ kind of type since you surrounded by great friends always!

Nyomi is a loyal friend, she can be a place for you to talk about anything and she will be all ears. In my opinion she is a bit too selfless that as a friend I want her to think about herself more too. She is funny, and can actually hold any conversations with whoever she is with. I think that's why having Nyomi in your friendship will make you happy.

Nyomiiii temen perbenconganku, having you around is a blessing karena setiap hari I witness your jokes yg kayak tongkrongan ibu ibu pkk itu. You're a social butterfly temennya dari sabang sampai merauke, agak heran kayaknya social battery lu gak abis abis tapi itu yg bikin suasana menjadi hidup. Karir yg cocok untuk kamu adalah host pagi pagi ambyar (recommended)

nyomi my sweetest heejin :3 kamu lucu banget nget nget! cantikku, kamu tuh selalu lucu banget dan cantik dan baik dan semuamuanya yang baik pokoknya ada di kamu, kamu paket komplit bangetttt >~<

NYOMIII forever the yujin to my nako. we've known each other for quite long time and you're still the fun, kind, and loving friend of mine that i adore so much 🩷 i'll always be grateful for your presence and to be your friend until this second. alabyu nyomi <3

Everyone's little sister! Nyomi anaknya asik dan kocak juga. Terus tiap liat tl selalu ada nyomi, trims sudah mewarnai tl abg. Pls sering sering nongol aja ya. Walau kita jarang ngobrol but I'm really happy to know you nyom!

My precious lady. <3 Cewek paling keren sedunia yang pernah aku kenal!! Selalu asik dan spreading her positive vibes. Happy virus buat semua orang. I hope she'll be happy alwaaaays, find her lover soon and always surrounded by wonderful people. Miss you <3

a bubbly one. i found it exciting to see your presence whenever i open my account and i like the way you interact with your friends. you’re kind and the one type of friend everyone would love to have at least once in lifetime! and although we don’t talk often because i tend to detach at times, you’re still there with open arms. love yew 💟

Everyone's ball of sunshine, social butterfly, si paling care dan my 911! bonus (tukang pup).

YOU'RE THE CHATTY cute supportive little baby who has boundless energy. You're attractively funny and WHY HASN'T SOMEONE WIFE YOU UP YET?!?! They're wasting their time fr 🤯

Dd orangnya social butterfly abis, terus bubbly banget tiap hari ada aja liat dd ngobrol sama orang. Tapi seru sih liatin dd di timeline tuh

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