And she lives in the realm of wonders ✻

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Kitty Cat · 15d

I’m happy for you.

Siapa ini.. Tapi makasih, ya! Semoga kamu juga happy-happy dan dikelilingi orang baik! :]

Milo · 9 answers · 27d

How do you wish to be perceived?

As beautiful as the moon, as warm as the sun, as bright as the stars — and as tender as spring!

Soenshine · 9 answers · 1mo

hi guys, it's #macerious time. if you were a movie character, who would you be?

N · 2mo

Thoughts on Nayaka?

I’m so grateful and happy to know you, bff. I can’t remember exactly why we suddenly this close but thanks to the endless night playing warewolf.. (I guess). Lo aneh (in the right amount), you make me laugh a lot, you’re crazyyyy actually 😭 But I know deep down you care a lot. The person who probably will go to war for their bestfriend (me). Pemberi saran yang baik, actually.. dan pinter cairin suasana! Asbun banget (bingung) tapi lagi-lagi lucu. Thank you for being there and for that constant silly jokes, for being a great company. I owe and treasure you a lot!!!

N · 2mo

Kok theme retro lu kayak lezat gitu ya kayak kue ulang tahun anak umur 3 tahun yang dirayain di kaepci gitu dah sumpah terus rasanya bubble gum campur sama strawberry mirip kayak paddle pop rainbow.

That’s too spesific.. Gak nyangka lo se-attached ini sama gue sampai buat theme retrospring gue aja effortnya sebanyak ini?

Jethro. · 10 answers · 2mo

Thoughts on Jethro?

Galau.. terus.. (bercanda) (apa beneran ya). Kadang bisa jadi aneh banget pas gabut tapi gapapa I understand. Lebih sering ngeliat abg ngetweet tentang LANY dan dengerin I Quit Drinking daripada aku makan jujur.. Udah pensiun denger lagu itu apa belum?

Jane · 10 answers · 2mo

Kindly spare your thoughts on me please I wanna hear or see something :D

It’s weird because we.. suddenly just that close to open up about anything.. It’s always been fun talking and open up AND being vulnerable around you because you just have that level of understanding yet give the best punch in the face if it’s necessary. You are as warm as a sunshine, you are fun to be around, can be extremely loud about what she loves and I love it! The supportive sister I want to keep around for a really long time. I love you so much please be gentle to yourself, cayang

Jane · 9 answers · 2mo

Pass me one thing that pops up in your mind if I ask best movie you have watched, or best book you have read, or best song you have listened to. Anything, please!! (I’m deadly curious)

For the song I think I will go with New York State Of Mind by Billy Joel.. That song just SO GOOD. And I grow up listening to this song a lot because my Dad plays the Saxophone.. And the Glee cover just made it even better!!! For books, I think I’m still at my TFIOS and Laut Bercerita phase (I refuse to move on). Lastly, for the movie part, I think Basketball Diaries still one of the best films I ever watched in my entire life. Writing a whole paper for that film was definitely worth it

Abel · 2 answers · 2mo

Saran menu brunch yang enak di gofood..

Kitty Cat · 2mo

You’re so girls’ girl!!!!! I love you Kaci may you have a good sleep 😚💕

Azarios · 16 answers · 2mo

Waktu Twitter masih jaman ava telor, kalian dah main belum?

Abel · 2 answers · 3mo

Has anyone watched Poor Things (2023)? Currently looking for a honest review..

I personally have a mixed feelings about this film. It’s quirky, it’s lively, but it’s disturbing (and might be controversial).. That kind of film that you should watch while sitting with no noise because you need a lot of focus. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea, regardless it is still a good one. (Ruffalo and Emma Stone performance… insane)

NK · 12 answers · 2mo

If you are a song, what would you associate it with?

It’s either My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski OR Good Days by SZA (No explanation needed)

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