I'm an angel with glitter on my wings; deserve all the stars in the night sky and so many more sweet things

Kyoto, Japan
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the curious dolphin asked about 2 months ago

Hello, Hiro! 🐈‍⬛ How was your day? 👍🏻 or 👎🏻? Here I am in a mission to lift up and brighten the day of the prettiest angel with approaching you for days. ✌🏻🖤

hello!!! maaf baru balas yaa, sender. akhir-akhir ini lagi masuk masa ujian jadi agak sibuk. tapi overall aku kasih 👍👍👍👍👍 woah, you're so kind. thank you, thank you so much!! it means a lot for me <3

the curious dolphin asked about 2 months ago

hello, hiro. i see you've been struggling with your homework. how are you today? masih banyak ngga tugas buat hari ini? jangan lupa makan, minum air putih yang cukup, dan istirahat ya. don't force yourself too much. im so proud of you for not giving up on those exhausting assignments. semoga ngerjain tugasnya lancar dan dimudahkan ya.

halooo haloo, I'm sorry for late reply. it's been 5 hours and I just checked the message. today was fun! yeah, I've been struggling with the task and some kepanitiaan juga sih. tapi hari ini aku mutusin buat qtime bareng sama temen aku, ya semacam self reward. I'm so happy. we watch movies and eat lots of yummy food. how about you? is Friday treats you well, sender? kalau ditanya soal deadline tugas, masih banyak karena minggu depan aku uts so tugasnya banyak but don't worry, I'll handle it well. amin, thank you for your kind words sender. may you have a nice dream today! <3

Naragatra Efraim asked 5 months ago · 11 answers

Sore ini enaknya jajan apa?

Zen asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

Guys, kalian malming pada ngapain?

Naragatra Efraim asked 5 months ago

Greetings. I am the menfess sender asking to be mutuals in Retrospring. Allow me to ask: Would you prefer falling in love first or have them fall for you first?

hello, I'm sorry for late response. I'd rather fall in love first. what is the reason? I'm not sure, but I think falling in love initially is more fun and cheerful. I enjoy the sensation.

Isabelle ★ asked 6 months ago

hollow hiro hiro hiroshima nagasaki

AAPAA ISAAAA?? btw baru ngeh namaku kayak nama kota di jepang 😬

Killian asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

How long does it usually take to realize that you are currently in love with someone, and what makes you come to that realization?

actually, I never counted how long it was before I realized it. all I know is when I'm with him/her, I feel happy. I feel comfortable around him/her, also I always excited to get up in the morning just to spend another day with him/her

Abraham. asked 10 months ago · 16 answers

Good morning, Abratuals. Any plans for today?

ada ada. hari ini mau ke kampus buat bimbingan sama naruh barang di kost. hbu Abra?

theadora 𖤐 asked 10 months ago · 7 answers

hai good morning thea's moots, have a great day yep💐🍰🤍🖤 everyone is precious and beloved <3

good morning, Thea! have a great day too. anyway, don't skip your breakfast yaa

Kanaya Alisha asked 10 months ago · 4 answers

Twitter kalian error gak? Aku gak bisa send dm sama ngetweet dari tadi subuh :(

SUMPAH IYA NAY aku barusan cek juga nggak bisa kirim dm sama bikin tweet di semua acc aku

asked 10 months ago · 1 answer

Hi guys! Can you recommend me some food for dinner?

Ellias. asked 10 months ago

halo kak Hiro, ada plan apa hari ini?

hari ini mau packing barang soalnya besok mau naruh sebagian barang aku di kost, sisanya istirahat aja soalnya lagi sakit. hbu Zi? hari ini mau ngapain?

Kanaya Alisha asked 10 months ago

Hiro, tell me why you choose Hiro as your name!

there's no reason behind it, Nay. I just found it on internet and I think .. its cute. so I choose to used it

Hizkia. asked 10 months ago · 15 answers

Selamat pagi, spill lagu SEVENTEEN kesukaan kalian dong.

theadora 𖤐 asked 10 months ago · 23 answers

Semisal kalian tengah malam ngga bisa bobo, kalian ngapain?🤔

dengerin instrumen musik di spoti sambil atur nafas biar cepet relax dan ngantuk

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