dd🌺 · 13 answers · 6mo

Are Retropsring notifications buggy for you?

they don't even work for me
I would love for them to have email notifications

Yes, sometimes! I'll clear them and it still says "x notifications," or they won't update. What glitches are you having?

Whether or not a notification is considered to be "new" and showed in the dropdown in the navbar seems to be quite random. I end up always clicking on Show all notifications because I don't trust that.

Yes, they've been buggy for months.
- It will show that there are notifications, and I'll click on the icon, and it'll say there's no notifications. I have to click on "show all notifications" to see them.
- When I read the notifications, the icon keeps indicating that there's new notifications. I have to click on "mark all as read" for it to clear. It didn't used to be that way.

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