Katie asked 5 months ago

How do you define ‘love’ and what are the ways which you do in order to express it to your surroundings?


How do you define ‘love’ and what are the ways which you do in order to express it to your surroundings?

For me, love is simple, yet means everything. It looks simple when we can spend our days together, with laugh and love, but it really meant for me.

For me, love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can be challenging to define precisely. However, I define it as a deep affection, attachment, or care for someone. What are the ways to express it? I will do daily check up on you, or simply spare my time for you!

love is a genuine feeling for me, it can be to anyone or anything. when i love someone, i tend to build more trust and comfort around them by clinging on them. i have many ways to show "love" though..

It’s definitely something that has the ability to give you warmth and security at the same time. Be it either romantically or platonically, I believe love is the raw form of genuineness, because to love means to be willing to understand others’ definition of love too, even when sometimes it differs from yours. I like to let those I love know that I do actually love them by words of reassurances and actions (be it of service or quality time). Although sometimes I express it through other ways, and I believe there’s an infinite way that you can express your love to your loved ones and vice versa.

Love is not always “the sun is up” kind of term, love could be our disaster if we don’t express it in a right way, yet I’m grateful to share my love with my favorite people, including you!

Simple things do matter! I like writing them a message or just simply tell them “You’re doing great”

I like to express my love by giving them lots of compliments, shower them so many love, make them become the happiest person in the world, and do everything to make them feel loved without any feedback because I do it sincerely. Seeing them happy makes me happy, too. Love is for everyone, right? No matter whoever you are, you deserve all the love in this world!

Love is anything, for me. We can do anything out of it, feel everything out of it and be anything for it. Love is the act of caring, nurturing and securing. Love is where we offer safety and feeling safe doing it. And to me, I would simply be myself and do the best I could to let my surroundings know I am exist to contribute for making things better.🫰

I define “love” as a feeling that makes you feel safe, a feeling that makes you want to take care of others. I express it, usually, in form of reassurance and gifting… as well as doing things for them.

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