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𝑬, Madelaine. · 10mo

Hello! Let me shoot you a follow ya. By the way, what is your song of the week? Nice to meet you, Edric.

Hello, E. A followback has been sent, ya. My song of the week is drunk text. Nice to meet you, too.

𝑬, Madelaine. · 40 answers · 10mo

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

ROUGE. · 20 answers · 10mo

What's your current favorite song? I'm about to make a new playlist.

Karicia. · 19 answers · 10mo

happy weekend! tell me your plan for todaaay, pwease? 😁

marumi · 5 answers · 11mo

hii! i'm going to try marugame udon for the first time, any recommendation menu for me?? :3

kai ✧.* · 13 answers · 11mo

hi hows life been treating you guys latelyyy ⁉️

marumi · 8 answers · 11mo

kalau kalian punya pacar terus nggak dikabarin seharian kalian bakal gimana?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

hello! in case no one told you this yet, then i'll be the one telling you this; you're doing great, you've done your best, and amazing things are coming to you! :) 💫💛

Hi, thank you so much for your kind words, ya? You're doing great too! Keep believing in yourself and know that wonderful things are headed your way as well. Stay positive and keep shining!

madeline · 5 answers · 12mo

Guys ini twitter kalian juga gak bisa buat dm dan ngetweet kah? Aku bingung banget dari semalem, bosen juga x____x mau marah sama melon

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