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How do you feel about age gaps in romance? [This may be too serious for your Retrospring presence; if so, please feel free to delete this question.]

idk it's not too serious but i don't want to find out that my answer is actually cancellable

The same as I feel about any relationship, really. As long as it doesn't break the law, it's consenting, there's no coercion, and the people involved are able to socially (both with each other, and with the outside world) are able to handle any sort of natural issues that come up due to the age difference... I don't see much issue.

it really depends on the specific situation! if one party is under 18, then that's definitely bad. it's an arbitrary number, but i have chosen it. past then, it's more about maturity and power and less about age. though leo's stuff is still creepy.

I dunno, it's a thing that basically depends from case to case. For me I prefer the age gap to not be too big though.

i usually prefer same age, but i don't have any issues with age gap either

If there is one thing I know about me and romance, it's that I don't understand any of it apparently, and it completely confuses me. I can't tell whether that's a good or bad thing, I can say however that I do understand romance even less when I see a couple with a large age gap lol

No issue, but be careful at the very bottom end because there's the potential for abuse, but there's all sorts of potentials for abuse, you can't completely avoid every potential red flags, just take note and know what you're getting yourself into if you're so much younger, like with any other risk.

Depends on the ages. Age gaps at young ages create power dynamic issues. For example an 18 year old with a 30 year old is weird as hell. As the subjects of the romance get older, the age gaps are less important. 35 year old dating a 45 year old to me is not even an age gap worth talking about.

as long as its no pedo stuff w/e but id be more worried about power imbalances like super good finances that you get from having worked longer etc

Mmmm Idk, I think some age gaps are too much(? Some are even gross but I'm assuming we are talking about reasonable stuff... they can be ok, but people need to understand what they are getting into I guess

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