esly 𓂀

"[dionysos]. swoony type, long hair, bedroom eyes, cheeks like wine." — euripides, bakkhai

apocalypse peaks, antarctica
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Karicia asked 2 months ago · 40 answers

tell me ur favorite 'galau' playlist all the time, pwease?

Karicia asked 3 months ago · 25 answers

if u have a chance to meet ur child version, what would you like to say?

anonymous spokesperson asked 4 months ago

hi! do you have a pinterest account?

of course i do have. {} there! sorry for seeing your retrospring this late :( well i use my pinterest mostly for college and working purposes so i rarely put my boards on public actually... most of them are private just because! or maybe you're asking me just so we could be mutuals there? if yes, then we should! i don't mind!

amara asked 6 months ago · 10 answers

do you have an anime recommendation?

i'm currently watching loving yamada at lv999 so maybe, maybe if you're into romance type of animes, i will highly recommend you to watch one! to simply summarize it for you, it's a type of romance that every gamer could ever dream of and yes, you're right! it's a gamer boyfriend x a gamer girlfriend type of relationship so if you're interested in those kind of things, please do watch it and you will simp over the main characters! <3

anonymous spokesperson asked 5 months ago

KAKKK THANK YOU FOR BEING A NICE PERSON!1!1!1! dan makasih juga suda leave a trace di menfess ku, your advice really make me feels good 🤩🤩🤩

and thank you for being such a nice person for everyone as well! i didn't expect that my advice could help you that much but thank you for saying that it made you feel good, way more than what i expect! it's a pleasure of mine to be able to help you and to list a few words on how do i see you as a person from my perspective. well, i will never get bored to repeat it twice as more but you're such a pretty lady! once again, thank you soooo so much for visiting my retrospring! -☆

Aurora Wrenley ⪩⪨ asked 6 months ago · 41 answers


emily sinclair. asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

may i know your favorite comfort songs to listen to when you're having a bad day?

Isabby asked 6 months ago · 8 answers

how's life?

emily sinclair. asked 6 months ago · 8 answers

are you happy?

emily sinclair. asked 6 months ago

delivering nothing but massive amount of love to my one and only kak ecy, i've missed you, there are so many things left unsaid and promises that i broke. i'm sorry. but still, i hope we could be closer as we are now mutuals. please don't be a stranger. i love yew. <3

anonymous spokesperson asked 6 months ago

hello esly! maaf sebelumnya kalau terganggu... aku lagi scroll qrt mfs ssefnum dan ngeliat selca kamu (cakep bgtt huhu) trus ak salfok sm kaca mata item kamu... kl boleh tau beli dimana yaa? atau merk nya apa gituu, makasih & maaf sebelumnyaa 🥹💗

knowing that this is the first thing i saw when i just opened my retrospring is just!! thank you sooo so much dear anonymous spokesperson, i'm fluttered really! and also sorry for turning you down but i actually don't quite remember the store (and i ALSO lost my glasses. IM SO MAD AT MYSELF). as far as i remember, i bought it on shopee and it's not that expensive since i only use it for pictures but now that it's gone, i don't know anymore... maybe i should buy a new one...

daisy asked 7 months ago · 15 answers

the most saddest song you ever listen?

merayakan sepi album by elegi. i always listen to the album whenever i'm having a hard time, or when i wish to worded out things. my personal favorite is penghujan, merayakan sepi, and di kabut jakarta. to describe it, it's a song that you could possibly turn on during the rainy days, when you long for a lullaby to listen, when you wish a song could embrace you. i highly recommend it to everyone, especially for the sad individuals out there!

anonymous spokesperson asked 7 months ago

i wanna talk to you but i dont know what kind of topics you like

in fact, i also have no clue on what type of topics i'd enjoy to talk about... but anything would do! even asking my days, the song i've been listening to religiously, anything. anything would do! if i could choose, i prefer to have deep conversations starting from how i put my perspective towards the world, to people, and to myself. in conclusion: just talk to me no matter what the topic is, i will always give you an answer to your question

daisy asked 7 months ago · 6 answers

which one do you prefer, someone who is willing to skip their business in order to be with you, or someone who specifically will mention their free time and spend it with you later?

of course the second one, though sometimes i appreciate if a person does the first option to me, but sometimes there are hustles that can't be ignored and i'm afraid to bother their works. and also if they mention about how they're willing to spend their free time with me, i'd be soooo glad since there's a lot of option for you to choose but you choose me instead? :( how sweet is that...

anonymous spokesperson asked 7 months ago

eciii! what do you want to be in 5 years? :3

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