the f00fy one asked 7 months ago · 13 answers

What... are you?

A plasmacat (also called a meltcat or liquid cat), a species of shapeshifting catlike beings of unknown (to Earth residents including me) origin.

I am a Saban, which is what we call the canine race in my world ("sab" being our word for any wild canine, curiously the same as in ancient Egyptian in your world). Specifically of the variety whose animal you know as "Canis Lupaster Lupaster", commonly confused for jackals although we are actually wolves. Does this satisfy your question or do you want to know more?

As much as I would have liked writing a joke answer, this is a good moment to do a mini intro.

I'm a half-regular being that likes chatting and that quite a few people find me cute.

By day, I work in the medical field as a software dev maintaining a piece of software as a medical device (Health Canada approved, FDA approved, and CE marked). The device itself touches the image-guided therapy industry. I also do sysadmin and pbx administration on the side.

By night, pure x86-hater. I work on my projects. Used to do x86-specific stuff.

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