Arthur asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

Why do companies do clearly wrong things and then their lawyers are like "we did not do anything wrong"?

the lawyers don’t care what the truth is, they’re paid to defend.

That's why they pay them the big bucks -- to get out of paying bigger bucks from being sued

I think this has a lot to do with money. If the companies admit to doing wrong things, then they usually have to pay compensation to the victims or whomever was affected. If they say they didn't do anything wrong and get away with it, they don't have to pay anything. However, sometimes backfires, because it may result in future lawsuits or appeals.

Greed always tries to push the boundaries of right into crime territory claiming that to be freedom.

I guess because they think they have a chance at winning? If they admit to doing the crime, they have no chance. Companies are purely sociopathic agents without morals or conscience. They do anything and everything they can to maximize the bottom dollar.

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