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Hi, i’m little curious with my dear retrospring mutual’s opinion about newly update feature on twitter “from Earth” .. what do you think about that? Is it cute? Or unnecesseraly? Drop any thoughts you have, i will read all of them

Think of it, what if someone drop the tweet and there is "From knowhere" suddenly the Guardians seen by humans.

ADA?? aku belum update, so i don't know yet .. but i will see it after updated my twitter

it's cute. it makes me think that living on Earth is a big thing lol. as if we also sure that there's another life outside the planet earth. & they might be able to open twt too

unnecessary but i think i'm kinda looking forward for a "from moon" or "from mars" tweet.

Lucu sii, coba bisa di-custom gitu. Aku pengennya "From Venus" or "Dari matahari"

belum ada upgrade lagi sampe fitur sana karna versi yang sekarang still good so far. kecuali nanti si elon bikin hal hal yg kurang biar bikin user lain upgrade terbaru, terpaksa harus upgrade💀 kayak upgrade fitur views di semua tweet, sempet sengaja gak upgrade dan ternyata elon ngide bikin header jadi keliatan kosong padahal mah ya ada, musti diupgrade biar bisa normal lagi😂 well, ada ada aja sih fiturnya. gimana kalo ternyata ada user yang dari luar bumi? atau rencana penduduk bumi pindah ke mars itu beneran terjadi, it would be like “Twitter from Mars” soon

Aku sampe sekarang belum update Twitter karena ada fitur bisa ngelihat tweet, tapi menurutku itu udah.. agak ,,questionable?? Kayak buat apa ada fitur itu..

Sebenernya lucu.. Cuma kalau bisa sih mau custom "From Mars" biar lebih imut >_<

I DIDN'T KNOW WE HAD NEW FEATURE???? What is this anyway I'm dying to know!! ;O

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