Hello, Ara-san! asked 7 months ago

What is the best year of your life, and why?

Hello, Ara-san!

What is the best year of your life, and why?

i think it's around 2018-2019 and 2021, i just life my best live with first year of my college and i just happier that times. and.. 2021 the time that i fall in love with someone back then

I can't decide about this, honestly. I went through a lot every year; the good and bad were always there so, I guess the whole years would just be the same.

early 2021β€” i don’t think i could elaborate the reasons why.. but the mentioned year has became my favorite era : }

2018! karena di 2018 aku dikasih banyak kebahagiaan setelah melewati tahun sebelumnya yang kayak babi. di tahun 2018 juga aku ketemu banyak manusia baik, dan setiap kenangannya masih bisa aku inget dengan jelas sampe sekarang 😎

Taun 2012, waktu itu bener-bener pas imlek dua keluarga pada ngumpul full team. Sebelum kong sama amah pada meninggal satu satu. Ai sama susuk juga belum pada meninggal waktu itu.

Tahun 2019, when i started college. Rasanya keren bs jadi anak kuliahan wkwk

2021-2022, I was madly in love with someone, I couldn't help it I wanna be with that person everyday, I forgot my pain and I'm cherished to start tomorrow, but now they're has a lover and so do I. But those memories I would never dare to forget.

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