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Good morning, it’s the first of July. What is the first thing you do to start the day?

well, its pretty late but ill still answer it! i start my first day of July by celebrate my birthday with my family! hehehe

good morning juliette! first thing i did to start the day is; menghujat elon. 😫👎🏻 how ‘bout youuu?

hii, afternoon. unfortunately i have to complete all my work and assignments from june. because it's so hethic 😷🥴 i'm dizzy

I woke up late today! I dont have anything much to do, but im feeling unwell today. I hope you'll always be healthy, Juli!

Selamat siang! Untuk mengawali bulan ini, aku nonton youtube dan nonton netflix sih. Aku engga ada kegiatan yang pasti hari ini T__T

Good morning, Juliette! For me, of course, I open my eyes lol, jk. I did my monthly deep-clean of my room this morning!

Good morning, Juliette! The first thing i do of course checked my phone, then i've breakfast. Honestly, idk what i'll do today. 😔 How about you? Do you have any plans for today?

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