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You and your bestfriend have a crush on the same person, how do you handle this?

I experienced it when I was in high school, and I gave in for my best friend. But it turns out that my crush likes me and he is disappointed why I gave it up for my best friend. So in the end my best friend didn't get my crush, me and my crush became estranged.

I've never experienced this and it's, I believe, impossible to happen. Never in the world I have the same crush with my bestfriend. But if I did ... I think imma give them a go.

I have the same question. HOW do you even begin to try handle this???

Aduh, gak pernah kejadian kaya gini. Soalnya tipe saya biasanya yang agak laen. Tapi saya pernah nonton nih secara live waktu kedua sahabat saya suka sama orang yang sama 😂 YTTA padahal pedip

observe first? if she's always excited about this person then i can do nothing but take my step back. :] but actually im not a fighter so.. you got me right? 😂

I'll let my best friend have them, aku cari yang lain.

first question is who fell first? me or her? if it was me, i wouldn't let her snatch that man

I will step back. I won't against my friend to get a lover.

Funny how I just experienced this irl. Based on my experience, I let them be happy, trying my best to forget my feelings 'cause of some reasons, and maybe or at least- for me, it's the best decision. Ngl, it hurts a lot at first, but I've been through that phase really well, with no regret. Proud of myself tho

been there before, but the bestfriend won't take the first move. i make the first move and win his heart. the bestfriend having crush on him cause he looks like her ex, not because it's purely fallin love with him

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