Aresha asked 8 months ago · 10 answers

if you have 24 hours left to live, what’d u do?

Hey! Hmm I would do whatever I wanted to do and be good to my parents and ancestors and also closest friends. Like I would want spend the last 24 hours of my life with them.

i’ll send all the passwords that I have to my closest friends to let them delete everything

AKU SELALU BINGUNG kalo ditanya kayak gini, kayaknya aku bakal dzikir dan berdoa 😭

probably spend my last 24 hours w/ loved ones & my cats... also erasing all my accs if that's possible 😵‍💫

Listening to All Too Well (10 Minutes Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)

Beribadah dan mendekatkan diri pada Allah SWT. And I just want to spend the time with my family and my close friends.

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