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Hi.. IDK this is a random thought of mine in the midnight. Anyone miss to feel in love, like.. in in love? People who feel it now, please describe me how wonderful it is?

It’s like discovering a hidden treasure that brings an overwhelming happiness and contentment to your life. It fills my heart and soul with joy, warmth, and a sense of fulfillment.

It feels quiet. You are calm and centered. You feel a stronger sense of security—and this is the surprising part of loving somebody truly, because you never felt as though your life was lacking before. Now you know that when you come home at the end of the day, your beloved will come home as well. This one very special person who you have chosen and who has chosen you.

Maaf masih proses pemulihan galau 4 tahun. Bakal dijawab kalo udah di fase bucin lagi

it feels like you have thousand of butterflies in your stomach alias salting terus! you have reasons why you smile in the morning n before going to sleep! terus feel suppa duppa happy when my beloved one gives me kiccie, haggu, and hear all my stories!♡

Of course me? Because I feel lonely eventho I have so much friends around me. Gimana ya... pokoknya meskioun timelineku rame tapi hatiku kosong? Something like that.

It's wonderful how you are in love, like you can give them everything you had, serving them the best as you can so they could feel happy, safe, and warm. Waiting them to tell any stories happened today, how was their day, and be smiled 24/7 when seeing their messages arrived in the notification box.

Feeling in love is very pleasant, but after that, I hate it because I don't deserve it.

Have a smile in the morning and at the end of the day makes me feel grateful to get lots of love from my boyfriend <33 But for now until the end of February, he is turned off his phone for education, so i really miss that feeling n ofc i miss my bf sm :(

Knowing that I am loved and cared for constantly is truly amazing to me. My wrath is calmed by his presence. The mere knowledge of his existence calms my anxiety and gives me the impression that everything will be alright, even if I am really afraid of the world. I may be trapped in whirlwind of misery, but his words and everything about him woke me up also reminded me that I would be okay. It feels like a sweet reassurance and a gentle kiss in the lips. The conclusion; falling in love is incredible.

For me, it feels like spark. Falling in love can leave you feeling on top of the world—you feel happy, you feel wanted, you feel appreciated, you feel like you could do anything. But at the same time, it's also a little unsettling as you disclose yourself to the possibility of getting hurt. But yea, to love and be love is a beautiful feeling.

To me, falling in love is beautiful—if it's done well. You are never alone because you have a rock you can always lean on. Being joyful every day is like whining. You can ponder on all of your emotions, feel cheerful, and give heed to someone.

once again, you asked wrong person. right now my heart feels kinda numb to love someone

It's about being with someone who makes you happy and feel loved. If you meet the right person who can understand you, it will be the wonderful time you have ever had.

Yeees. I miss the feeling of falling in love and being loved by someone. I don’t feel any kind of love since a year ago. :{

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