Kayiya (˶ᵔ𖥦ᵔ˶)
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ask something nicely please 𓆝


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Ceinesa Bainey · 10 answers · 5mo

ceritain dong pengalaman kalian, gimana rasanya jatuh cinta berkali-kali dengan orang yang sama ♡___♡

kak ien itu always have someth to makes me fall harder everytime, entah AOS nya, WOA nya ..... i love it so much :[

Anonymous Coward · 5mo

Would you rather live in a flat or in a house?

May. · 6mo

What is the worst thing about your favourite movie?

Chia. · 22 answers · 5mo

kalian kalo bisa jadi hewan sehari, mau jadi hewan apa? kalo aku mau jadi capybara atau otter 🗯️

fuyu! · 6mo

Hi, hello! Which country do you really wish to visit in the future? ✈️

Kale! · 16 answers · 6mo

HAI, how's your january so faaarr??

R, Alvarez. · 3 answers · 6mo

What makes you fall for someone or maybe your partner right now?

karena dia kak lodie .... I MEAN kayak he's funny person, talkative (kadang), random juga :D i love him

Ceinesa Bainey · 26 answers · 6mo

mmhmm how do you forget someone who deserves to be forgotten, guys?

cherish. ♥︎ · 6mo

snack favoritmu akhir-akhir ini apa dd? ♡

Anonymous Coward · 6mo

Bff kok lucu banget sih bff

ꕮ aimery · 5 answers · 6mo

If you could instantly master any skill, what would it be and why?

nyanyii! dulu aku waktu sd masuk padus karena suaraku lumayan, tp skrg suaraku jelek .. nda tau kenapa :c

🍩 · 8 answers · 6mo

how do you guys distract yourself from crying? pls i need this asap

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