With a heart ablaze, she dwells in her sanctuary, a solitary universe where she finds solace and purest joy, a realm uniquely hers, forever untamed. ۪ ⊹ ˑ

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laissez tomber vos pensées. ۪ ⊹ ˑ


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Chia. · 22 answers · 5mo

kalian kalo bisa jadi hewan sehari, mau jadi hewan apa? kalo aku mau jadi capybara atau otter 🗯️

Aurich Heindelz · 68 answers · 5mo

What you love so much of being your parents' kid?

YES!! <33 i love being my parents’ daughter shoo much! Thanks to them i'm mentally stable and i have “keluarga cemara” i thank god everyday and i hope everyone will be a happy kid just like me. <333

kana · 23 answers · 8mo

kalau dikasih waktu 1 hari buat jalan-jalan sama idolmu, kamu mau jalan-jalan sama siapa?

Nadine · 81 answers · 7mo

Kalian beli paketan internet berapa gb yang bener-bener pas untuk sebulan?

𝓐 din · 11 answers · 6mo

kalian besok ngapain ajaa??

Mau pergi ke pantai tapi semoga gak hujan ya, soalnya mau pergi hari ini eh malah hujan deras dari jam 7 pagi sampai jam 3 sore. Gak jadi jalan-jalan deh :(

Nadine · 137 answers · 7mo

If you had the opportunity to study a mystery, which one place would you find interesting?
A. Space
B. Undersea

I think undersea? Because in my mind space is kinda boring, i mean it's interesting but under the sea got me chills everytime i heard some funfacts about new creatures they discovered.

Lavanya · 11 answers · 7mo

What makes someone unattractive in your eyes?

Yang kasar banget baik perilaku atau omongannya, bener-bener gak kuat sama orang kasar. Mending menjauh dari awal.

Lavanya · 8 answers · 7mo

If you could go back to past, what time would you go back to, and what would you change?

I want to go back to the first time i went to university, have fun with my bestfriends, spend my precious time with my family and when the pandemic hits i'll try my best to stay sane.

Aishlynne · 8mo

Enlo- pretty🤍 Aku liat kamu reply di menfess yang aku ajak untuk tukeran retro. Mau followan nggak sama aku?🙋🏻‍♀️🤍

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