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Jio · 22 answers · 8mo

Terakhir cut off orang karna apa?

Jio · 23 answers · 9mo

what do you guys do when you want to socialize but your energy is very low?

ARJUNA. · 7 answers · 9mo

Good morning. Less than one week to September. Do you have any plans for the upcoming month? Or you just want to go with the flows?

Celebrating my birthday with my friends! For the rest, I want to live my life calmly, upgrading myself, giving love for myself more than yesterday.

Reagan Zachary. · 9 answers · 9mo

Can you give me some movie/series recs? Any genre is fine.

Apa ya kayaknya lo udah nonton semua yang gue suka. Paling Young Sheldon, Fleabag, Eight Grade, The Florida Project, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Vié · 19 answers · 11mo

Hei, attractive menurut kalian itu bagaimana??

Someone who has self-awareness, good manner, and kind. Nilai plus kalau dia confident (most people has their insecurities sih makanya aku masukin nilai plus).

Vié · 15 answers · 10mo

HAIIII! This is the first time I greet you by asking how you are doing. how are you guys? everything is fine??

Vié · 8 answers · 11mo

Hi guys, kalian ada yang make skincare safi sama cetaphil? Boleh review ngga ya :((

Aku pakenya sabun cuci muka cetaphil. Aku pake cetaphil soalnya menurutku dia itu gak banyak ingredient anehnya, ga berbusa juga, ga yang wangi-wangian sama gak bikin pedih. Kalo abis cuci tuh gak yang bikin muka kering atau keset gitu.

Anonymous · 11mo

Apa bener kita gabisa beli terang bulan pas lagi mendung?

Anonymous · 11mo

Desc gienka

Gienka itu sweet girl, anaknya lucu, terus asik banget, I think she’s so attractive and so lovely 🤍

Anonymous · 11mo

Kalo lg bosen lo ngapain

Anonymous · 11mo

Ayooo sebutin makanan fav kamu!

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