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what do you do when you feel sad?

i don't have many times to pity myself jadi enggak ada, tetep melanjutkan hidup kayak biasanya cuma loyo dikit.

Biasanya ngedistraksi lewat nonton youtube atau tiktok aja sih, cari yang lucu-lucu, ngehindarin yang bikin makin sedih pokoknya. Tapi kalo misal lagi pengen mendukung rasa sedihku, biasanya aku bakal scroll tiktok, cari yang sedih-sedih, terus juga bisa sambil dengerin lagu galau ditambah cari quotes yang ngena dihati. Ya intinya tergantung mood aku lagi pengennya gimana. 😭

I often isolate myself because the negative energy I might exude is definitely not good for everyone around me.

i tend to force myself not to think about it and i will do anything to distract my mind. cuz if i let myself think about the issue, the negativity will overly consume my mind and it affects my daily routine and decisions, i dont want my days get ruined by some shits.

unless if it hurts as fuck, then.. im just gonna cry it out loud. i will let my mind receive and process the whole thing. doing this always helped me feel better.

i will usually just cry, or force my self to cry by doing anything like writing some angst, ranting on my private with the words i wish i could tell to world, watch some sad movies, or listening to my blue playlist.

it differs every time. sometimes i'd talk to my closest ones, another time i'd shut myself from the other and just drown in the sadness by myself. i always cry it out, though.

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