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Here I am again with a mainstream question but can I get a first impression or any thoughts on me? 🤔🤍

i'm so late for this but you're so pretty and you have such big sister vibes (at least for me)

semoga engga telat jawabannya but!! you're defining the truly social butterfly are... literally temennya dimana mana

At first, I was a bit nervous to talk to you, but as time went on, I realized how lovely you are! Seeing your posts and hearing you call me 'moi bebe' always makes me smile. Minat lebih dekat sama kamu lagi!!! :3

You seemed sooo pretty and lovable, a literal definition of a girl's girl! But we were not that close back then so you gave off a bit of hard to approach vibes at the moment

FI APA YAAAA aku lupa… tapi kakak tuh canci dan anggun bgt menurutku, terus suara kk bagus bgt?!?!? i always envy people who sings so well krn aku gk bs nyanyi. i love you kakak <3

Kak Kaci my love.. you are so dear when we first met and still until now. You are giving the big sister and motherly way kind of person, which I found really attractive. <3

My first impression of teteh is that you are so lovely! I might be afraid to reach out first since I thought you could feel uncomfortable with it, but no! You are indeed such a lovely human being and I love having you around. 💗

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