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Wien, Österreich
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A cat passing by · 3mo

gimana lebarannya kemarin, cantik?

Great! Kemarin sepupu-sepupuku mudik semua. Hari H lebaran kita muter ke rumah keluarga-keluarga dari pagi sampai ashar. Seru!! 🤗❤️

𓂋 · 12 answers · 3mo

Gotta dip away somewhere else! Please notice me in case you still wants to keep the mutual.

Amara, Katrine.

Ellison · 19 answers · 3mo

Udah mulai bosen sama ketupat lontong opor dkk belum?

Carmen · 5mo

Hello! I hope you had a nice weekend and are feeling super thriving. Do you have any song recommendations for today?

Just get back to my retro and I didn't notice this question was came in on the first place, my bad, Carmen.. I suggest you to listen to I Like You The Most, cover by SHAD! It's actually a thai song but there is the english version that I love the most.

Ellison · 21 answers · 5mo

Kalian kalo disuruh milih mending makan es krim mint choco seember atau mending gausah kenal dari awal?

Mint choco seember ya JELAS YA. Paling efek sampingnya cuma mules, engga sakit hati. 😅

Ravindra M. · 5mo

Dd.. mau followan lagi sama dd kalau boleh.. ni akun retro abg yang baru. 😞💔

Carmen · 9 answers · 5mo

Hidup disetir retrotuals. Mending beli lego bricks atau puzzles ya buat ngurangin screen time? Suka dua-duanya tapi mau beli satu aja. Thanks in advance!

Bricks! It would be fun and satisfying at the same times to see you're manage to craft a little sculpture :3

Kas. · 9 answers · 5mo

Here I am again with a mainstream question but can I get a first impression or any thoughts on me? 🤔🤍

Kak Kaci my love.. you are so dear when we first met and still until now. You are giving the big sister and motherly way kind of person, which I found really attractive. <3

Shelby. · 10 answers · 5mo

Could you share the fond memories you had with your loved ones?

The day when my mother bought me a lot of gifts but then proceed to say sorry that she couldn't hold a birthday party for me. She said that she hopes it can light up the birthday party euphoria.

Ravindra · 7 answers · 5mo

Guys lagi nonton apa? (Dengan intensi mendapatkan rekomendasi tontonan baru).

Series or movies? Series aku belum nonton lagi deh, tapi kalau movie terakhir kemarin nonton Anatomy of a Fall (2023) abg!!

Kaiko · 7 answers · 5mo

Guys kalau kalian naksir orang, gimana cara kalian biar orang tersebut naksir balik? (Just ask) 🤓👆🏻

Cari perhatian orangnya. Ajak dia ngobrol, main bareng, dengerin lagu, sesering mungkin. Pokoknya terus-terusan muncul di deket dia! :]

𓂋 · 8 answers · 6mo

I could really use any words of affirmation right now.. if you don’t mind, would you pass me some?

Cabel, just in case no one haven't tell you this today.. you are doing a lot of great job, today. Maybe things didn't always went well but, I know you are beyond enough to get through this all. <3

A cat passing by · 6mo

Abel makanan manis favoritnya apa

A cat passing by · 6mo

Abel paling suka karakter genshin siapa

Wriothesley sama Ayaka, kayaknya. Dari sekian banyak karakter yang aku suka mereka yang merchnya paling banyak. :]

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