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"Daylight" by Taylor Swift teaches me to be defined by things that I love, but it's quite irrelevant since I hate a lot. Which type are you? Defined by things you love or hate?

Jawaban yang cina banget, both things define who I am bagaikan yin and yang. While the things I love paint the surface of who I am (You can simply tell what kind of person I am by all the tweets dedicated to my friends yang udah kayak TXT from iyon’s friends and love of my life), I do think that to know the things I hate might reveal the shadows that define myself more deeply.

Better defined by things i love, maybe? Lebih ke fokus ke yang kita sayang dan sayang kita aja sih.

I believe that I am defined by many things; things that I love, or even the things that I hate. I am defined by something more within me. It’s hard for me to choose which one defined me the most, but I know for sure, I’m defined by how I represent myself to the world; to myself; like— my ability to love and to have empathy for others, so see everything so clearly, to appreciate and do things I love, to give the sympathy for something I despise. I just— I am defined by many things within me, and no one has the right to judge me negatively. And because of that, I learned how to respect myself and live my life to the fullest.

like daylight, it's golden like daylight. you gotta step into the daylight and let it go. just let it go, let it go. i wanna be defined by the things that i love. not the things i hate. not the things that i'm afraid of, i'm afraid of. not the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. i, i just think that. you are what you love.

I believe I'm defined more by the things I love. My passions and interests shape who I am and what I enjoy doing, which in turn influences my identity.

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