Serenity · 11 answers · 6mo

Five movies to get to know you?

cinderella, the kingsman, fast and furious, clueless, and confessions of a shopaholic!

  1. Interstellar
  2. The boy in the stripped pajamas
  3. The Man Called Otto
  4. Se7en
  5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Here goes mine:
1. The Prestige
2. Angels and Demons
3. 500 Days of Summer
4. Insidious
5. The Man Called Otto

The Princess Diaries, Now You See Me, Harry Potter, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Barbie and 12 Dancing Princesses.

before sunrise, little women, princess diaries, a cinderella story, and clueless

dead poets society, good will hunting, forrest gump, before sunrise, and little women.

Little Women, End Game, Guardians of the Galaxy (1, 2, 3), Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Tangled.

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