vyivel asked 6 months ago · 10 answers

Are you comfortable with crying in front of friends? And people you don't know?

i think so? but i don't think i've ever been around friends before

I'd prefer not... but if it happens it happens I guess.. Though it didn't happen for a while now, but I used to start crying fairly easy as a kid up till pretty late.

In the last few years the only time I managed to cry in front of anyone is when my dad screamed at me enough to make me breakdown completely. I rarely manage to actually cry, even when my mom passed away I barely cried, so I just wouldn't cry in front of people even when telling them that I am sad because I can't. I would be fine with telling friends I'm not feeling okay, and strangers only if I'm so attention starved that I will be okay with anyone taking pity on me and making me feel like I'm not just a ghost…

I did cry in a vc this one time (start of the year?) with a good friend. So I might be okay with friends and family (irl and online)? It just happens so rarely for me to cry, I can't really definitively say for sure. But strangers I'm not so sure.

Not really. Society has ingrained that it is humiliating for me, as a man to do that, so...

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