Aurora Khione · 12 answers · 11mo

hi, i’m back! firstly first im really sorry i didn't send you guys that question again for a 6/7 days??? bcs i’ve been on a very busy week. okaay enough w the pleasantries, hey we’re already in the middle of the month. so how’s your july so far?

Oh July was the worst month for me. I got panic attack and crying all day. I was exhausted. But it's okay now!

Sejauh ini julinya super productive and super super tiring, thanks for asking. Hbu?

it's excellent! I happened to meet many amazing people and I was also given the chance to do many great things this month!

Dibilang, ga berasa udah mau akhir Juli tapi .... Ya berasa juga, capeknya. 😔

it is hectic and super tiring!! I get drained easily, but I'm having so much fun because I meet my college friends hehe. how's yours?

Hey, Gwyneth! How are youu? July has treated me well so far, how about you? I hope July makes you feel better than before. ♡

My Juli went really good sebenarnya, dari nilai ujian yang bisa dibilang oke...lalu berhasil menemukan harta karun katsu enak, dan juga kecapai liat soang. How about you. Guinn?

GWENNN how are you??? everything is fine?? mmmmmm sejauh ini sih juli ku seneng banget??? banyak kegiatan yang aku lakuin, definisi dari sibuk ada di juli

halo, mid-July I feel nano nano, but for now it's still going well. how about you?

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