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You are given a stimulus package of $1400... what do you spend it on?


You are given a stimulus package of $1400... what do you spend it on?

A drivers license because I'm a fat loser who can't go fast in a metal box.

I'd obviously burn it to express my belief in personal responsibility. Bootstraps

Boring bills. But only because I already get everything I want

Honestly, I’d give it to charity - a food bank most probably.

Mainly bills, some of it will be saved and the rest might go towards a UK holiday this year.

I have no use for the money so stay inside bank

I'd just use it to pad out my account and not buy anything specific

Nothing immediately. I guess I'd save it for when I need it.

I started a brokerage account recently, I don't wish to buy individual stonks because that's almost guaranteed to lose money. Hoping to put a couple hundred bucks on SPY and QQQ every month and just let it mature over time. So any stimulus money the govern


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a car

Necessities. That’s it.

Nothing specific. Will go into my checking account and disappear quietly when it’s time for billz n stuff

I'd flirt with the idea of buying a GeForce RTX 3090 if my PSU is powerful enough for it.

Dragon dildos

Right now I'd save it for later ... but a small percentage would be used to spoil a person I like.