Queen Megan馃憫

Married to David Rodgers.

Pocono Mountains
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Shannon. 9 answers 4mo

Would you date someone with hiv?

Kate Matsuda 7 answers 1y

Stopped my car today to look at a very attractive Kindergarten teacher and in fear one of the children would cross the street. She assumed I stopped to let the children cross the street. So they did. And I had even more time to enjoy. She waved and smiled and shook her head to say Thank You. There are these moments when the sun gets out!

Kate Matsuda 12 answers 1y

Do you have any erotic triggers that nobody else has? Me: Girls wearing shoes that are cut out so far as to reveal the start of the toes, just the first few millimeters. Has an devastating effect on my hormone system like almost nothing else. Maybe only rivalled by a deep back cleavage but that is known to mankind already. It's weird, I know.

Pandy 11 answers 1y

If a rich business man approached you and your partner and offered you both $1 Million to take your partner out on 'a date' - would you let them? (Your partner is waiting for your response before they reply)

Kate Matsuda 7 answers 12mo

Name the country where the government made having a drinking pause every 4 hours in 40 degree centigrade climate on a construction site illegal for workers? Hint: it is NOT Saudi Arabia killing some Pakistani workers that way.

Merida 13 answers 12mo

Let's say you're married with a wonderful person who always was respectful, very loving, understanding, etc with you. Suddenly, your spouse dies and two weeks later you decide to check on their phone bc you miss them so much and you figure out that they were having an affair with someone else. How would you react?

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