Pandy asked 3 months ago

Should employers grant time off to grieve for the death of a pet?

I love my cat, but I think that's too much. I would love an excuse to stay off tho

One day only, nothing more. Health insurance shouldn't pay for mental health services either - that would be like having insurance pay for you to travel around the world or something just because it feels good.


This question is really vague.

Should they be legally compelled to do so? God, no. Let me get 50 hamsters and treat them like shit to get days off.

Should they do it on the grounds of human decency? Yes, if they can and the grievance is real. There migh


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I think employees should have an allotment of personal time they can use and should not owe their employer any explanation whatsoever for using it, and employers shouldn't be asking

I want to say yes. Personally I wouldn't think that specifically, I'd just take a sick day, but if the option's open I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it.

I love my cat so I can empathize, but that seems a little excessive. People should be allowed to take personal days off if they have enough accrued PTO, otherwise an unpaid leave of absense seems fair.

Well, yeah, but I think we shouldn't have to think up where the lines are to be drawn w.r.t. when an employee should or should not be granted time off. I think employees should be able not to work whenever they want.

I can see how this would cause problem


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Depends. If it really hurts them that they no longer can do their work well they should be able to take some time off.

Since many employers give themselves time off to grieve the fall of their shares it would only be fair.


of course and it should be paid too


Maybe, but I'm not about to say that people and pets are the same, pet are much better.


yes, people are more productive if you give them the time and space to deal with their personal lives (including losses of loved ones) and let them come back to work refreshed. a grieving employee is not who you want at work

No. Take your sick leave.


Some pets can become more family than the own family... So why not?