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Were you an uncool teenager?


Were you an uncool teenager?


girl no I was depressed

I was an uncool kid's uncool kid.

No, I've always been cool. I was a very cool baby even. The first thing the doctor said when I was born was, "this is the coolest baby I've ever delivered. Literally every other baby is a loser compared to this one." And when I was a child? Yeah, I was coo


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I was one of the popular ones both in middle school and high school. I turned into an uncool person when I started college.

I was so cool I'd sit by myself at lunch every day at school.

Nah I was a social floater, so everyone got a long with me but I wan't particularly close with many people.

My mom thought I was cool

i'm not a teenager but i'm uncool

Probably to someone I teased 😭

Uncool, intellectual, acne like the plague and no friends.

Simultaneously cool and uncool, like Schroedinger's Clique...played football so the geeks didn't come around me, and I read books and played chess so the football team didn't hang around me much. Invited to the cool kids parties, but just kinda sat there.


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We were all cool at my place, playing all the time and getting headpats

No. Neither cool.

I didn’t ever fancy myself as cool or uncool. Somewhere in between.