Arman asked 4 days ago

What would you do if your SO confessed that he/she cheated on you?

I guess a lot of questions would pop up in my head...I'd feel betrayed, hurt and disappointed. And I'd try to understand why. Also I'd be angry so I wouldn't expect a calm conversation tbh and probably I'd break up. And overtime, I'd appreciate his honesty


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Work through it. If he was willing. And I’ve got A LOT of questions.

Leave. Then get tested for STDs. I don't fuck around when people put my health at risk. I don't trust easily, and I hold grudges hard.

Nothing, I'm not part of the pop culture programming that says that relationships must be about mutual control and restriction. That's so babyish. It's all about repressing each other's desires and sexual/sensual/romantic fulfillment for the sake each othe


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I wouldn't hold a grudge against them and I would respect them for being honest, but I think I would dump them.


I'd ask why, most likely forgive but also likely put the relationship on hold until we figure things out.


I'd be like "wow that was not very cash money of you" and then start dating whoever she cheated on me with


1) Thank them for their honesty. 2) Walk away. Somehow the moment they stepped out of the relationship it was the biggest sign that it was over. No matter what we do to work towards the future the past will always be and knowing they could be so selfish an


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I'd probably hear them out first because their confessing implies it wasn't deliberately done. But I'm strongly inclined to end the relationship right then and there.

Totally depends on what happened when and with whom. I am in general not possessive and do not demand exclusive ownership of my SO. But I want to know if the mutual bond has eroded away. If it hasn't I'm basically fine.


There was a time that it would have been a 100% GTFO and I'm keeping the cat too, but I've learned how precious human connections are and severing one isn't always the best thing, so it's like 75% GTFO but I'm willing to listen and maaaaaaybe she can keep


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Screw them both.


No "would" here but rather a "did". No "if" but rather a "when".

I just suffered. She broke up for awhile. It felt not good at all. I was hurt, but that was the way my life has been.

Thank her for telling me, then dump them.