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Shannon asked about 23 hours ago · 8 answers

Does your work place do secret Santa?

The place I was working last Christmas did secret santa. I didn't really know the person I got very well. Someone told me she liked bright colors and fantasy themes. They were like, "she's a huge Harry Potter fan... get her anything Harry Potter and she'll love it!" And I was like LMFAO, no. So I made her a rainbow hat and some fingerless gloves that were also rainbow, but they looked like dragon scales. She never spoke to me, so idk how well that went over.

Shannon asked about 21 hours ago · 10 answers

What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Arman asked 7 days ago · 9 answers

[] "How do you feel about women pinching men's bottoms in the street?"

Watching white people from this time period "try to help" is often physically painful.

Shannon asked 3 days ago · 13 answers

How did you save for your house? How did you afford your house?

Don't have a house, and don't want one. Houses suck. Lawn mowers are crazy expensive, and then I have to mow that shit for FREE? Nah.

Pandy asked 3 days ago · 10 answers

How would you react if you saw someone you knew (perhaps intimately) had an ' epic vajazzle' (large glitter work around the intimate area)?

Ripping out hair and then immediately gluing some shit to irritated skin? In this home? Just get a tattoo, show some commitment.

Arthur asked 3 days ago · 8 answers

Would you rather have beautiful arms or a beautiful forehead?

Forehead. I have a fivehead with a high ass hairline that demands to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, my arms are just kinda there, trying to mind their own business, not tying to make today all about them.

LaDamaX asked 4 months ago · 11 answers

What is your favorite source of protein? How do you prepare it?

Hey Google, does licking the moss on stones count as a source of protein

Pandy asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

Settle a debate: Is getting food delivered a romantic gesture? If so, what sort of food would make it romantic?

Arthur asked 22 days ago · 10 answers

What was the last thing that annoyed you? Me: a misconfigured elevator

It's annoying how reality is a nightmare hellscape tbh

Shannon asked 18 days ago · 13 answers

What are your opinions on cults?

Sick of the dancing, sick of the chanting. Sick of the nikes, sick of the kool-aid.

Shannon asked 11 days ago · 11 answers

What's your opinion on matching Christmas PJs?

If everyone's into it, all right. Don't like it when it's forcing the kids to pretend to have #Christmasmagic.

Arman asked 13 days ago · 12 answers

Elon Musk tweeted that Trump's account will be reinstated. Thoughts?

Did Elon Musk Tweet that his head looks like those thumb guys from Spy Kids? Because then he'd finally shock me by doing something I didn't already know he was going to do, and by saying something that is deeply true.

Arman asked 11 days ago · 13 answers

Do you peel potatoes and carrots before eating or preparing them for a recipe?

Whenever I'm just eating fresh vegetables like the barebreast contess, I like to experience the earth's gift unaltered. So it's only unpeeled, uncooked, and uncut potatoes and carrots for me. And I try not to chew, because chewing isn't organic. If god intended my food to be easier to swallow, then he would have made it all mush in the first place. Tired of people straying from god's plan.

Merida asked 12 days ago · 11 answers

What does "I love you" mean?

Arthur asked 9 days ago · 13 answers

Name three things you would like to eat right now. Me: apple, tomato and watermelon

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