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Wasserpistole asked 11 months ago · 14 Answers

Are your parents divorced or still together? Mine are divorced, thank goodness.

It blows my mind when people say their parents are married. I'm like lmfao lol, ok nerd.

Wasserpistole asked 11 months ago · 11 Answers

Are you more like your mother or your father?

Both of my parents claim I'm more like my mother. But imo? Knowing my parents never made me straighter, but I've made them gayer. So who's really the progenitor here

Merida asked 11 months ago · 10 Answers

What type of tourist are you?

Daniel asked 11 months ago · 18 Answers

Does it bother you when retrospring users that you like interact with detestable users?

Sometimes, yeah. I've expressed this a few times before though. There are specific kinds of interactions that people have (and have had, for years now) with the most toxic users here that make me sigh. But to be clear, the fact that I don't pretend that doesn't happen to me when it shows up on my feed isn't me telling other users who they can and can't interact with. I'm allowed to say mama, I think this is steaming hot garbage, right? I'm not saying steaming hot garbage is illegal, I'm saying "none for me, thanks" if that's what's for dinner.

Merida asked 11 months ago · 15 Answers

What love song are you?

dEfInItIoN bLuRs WhEn yOu'Re sTaRiNg tHrOuGh tHe sMoKe, nOtHiNg rEaLlY hUrTs wHeN eVeRyThInG's A jOkE

Kate Matsuda asked 11 months ago · 9 Answers

How come we can have a feeling of being attached to places we never before saw and keep the attachment and feeling for the rest of our life? For me it was my visit to Ireland and to a lesser degree my visits to Scotland.

Can't say, because I'm not even attached to places I have been. A loved one can be like, "look at this foliage in this location we're currently in, in real time" (verbatim). And I'm like, "Yawn, defibrillate my ass if you spot a rat carrying a food item bigger than itself, though."

Daniel asked 11 months ago · 17 Answers

What will you do this weekend?

this weekend, which was this weekend we're talking about, I landed real fked up on my ankle and mildly sprained it, but it made a very gnarly sound

Daniel asked 11 months ago · 13 Answers

Does ball lightning really exist?

Actually, the entire sky doesn't exist. I know because I asked it if it exists, and it was like, "naw" and I was like, "Ok, tight. Kind of weird, though, like, honestly? but no judgment." and that was also the day that I got solar retinitis, mom.

Merida asked 11 months ago · 5 Answers

Do you allow your mind to play tricks on you?

I encourage her to, but she's not smart enough to trick herself

Daniel asked 11 months ago · 15 Answers

Where would you go to after you escaped from prison?

The nearest Redbox, to see if it has 13 Going on 30 available on DVD, to rent or own

Wasserpistole asked 11 months ago · 10 Answers

Some people cannot be single, they always have to be in a romantic relationship. Do you have any idea why that is?

Do they have to be, or are they just so hot and cool that they get tired of trying to get them to MOVE BACK?

Idk, is it because it's dark here and this is how they live their lives? If you're actually happiest in a relationship, and you can get into one, then do that... Even if people throw shade at you for it. It's no one else's business, your relationship is yours and it's between you and your partner. Not a bunch of onlookers.

Merida asked 11 months ago · 7 Answers

Does past always come back?

She creeps up your esophagus from time to time just to say, "hi"

Pandy asked 11 months ago · 13 Answers

You can go back 100,000 years to a cave that will be discovered by archeologists, what do you write/draw on the wall to mess with them...?

Pandy asked 11 months ago · 13 Answers

If all jobs had the same salary, what job would you most like to do?