Adrien Oliffer.

Ask me anything.

Melbourne, AU.
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Nadine · 85 answers · 5mo

Kalian beli paketan internet berapa gb yang bener-bener pas untuk sebulan?

Anonymous Coward · 5mo

Can I have a crush on you?

Arwen. M · 50 answers · 5mo

ada yang mau followan twitter sama aku ngga? boleh drop unamenya nanti aku follow >.<

Noah Reign Allerick. · 25 answers · 5mo

hey, boleh saranin lagu yang pas didenger waktu belajar? thank you!

Vivianne Mackenzie. · 16 answers · 5mo

Drop your @ X, fellas. Let’s befriend since i need lots of friends to fill up my timeline. 🤍

Mine is Anyone who sees this may shoot a follow and i’ll give you followback.

Anonymous Coward · 6mo

Dopi, huft 😔 mau nanya lagi tapi- 😔

ayi ☆ · 6mo

hello, may i get your follow back? thank you 🐾

kana · 26 answers · 6mo

do you think cheaters deserve a second chance? why?

No. Since i had this kind of situation, twice. I let the cheater back into my life and guess what? They repeated the same mistakes again

Anonymous Coward · 6mo

Have you ever been in the position that you realized that you and your partner are very far away? Atau gak pernah kepikiran itu sama sekali?

Of course, i’ve been there. Biasanya perasaan kaya gitu muncul kalau habis ada masalah lalu partner minta waktu buat sendiri tapi sendiri dalam artian menjauh dari kita aja tapi tetep interaksi sama orang lain. Disitu biasanya ngerasa terbuang atau gak disayang yang padahal aslinya juga enggak gitu. Nanti setelah baikan bakal biasa lagi

· 7 answers · 6mo

how do you guys deal with insecurities?

Building my self-esteem by convincing my self that i have those things i should be proud of.

Richter · 7mo

Hello, good day, this is the sender of menfess that offering to be follow each other on Retro. May I get your follow back? Thank you!

𝑱𝑶𝑨𝑵𝑵𝑬. · 7mo

Hi, this is Joanne speaking. I'm the sender from today's ssefnum menfess and I'd really love to get to know you better. Would you mind telling me your preferred nickname and a little TMI about today as a starter?

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