Alby. · 14 answers · 6mo

What do you guys do to make the time go faster when you really feel depressed?

Sometimes I just try watching series I really like, or when it doesn’t work then I’ll just go to sleep aka hibernate

People might say that sleep is the best cure but for me it isn't. I'll spend my time by doing things i like.

Drawing, writing, anything related to my hobbies. I pour my depression and frustration to my canvas, to tell everyone I'm depressed by my arts.

If I have free time, then I'll sleep. But if I'm on busy time with my work, then I'll choose to focus on my daily activity like working, enjoy with my coffee, meet lots of people and more. Ofc, without thinking about when the day passes faster.

Mmm, looking for something to distract those feelings. Maybe by doing something I want. I usually spend my time watching or playing games, or ask my friends to hang out.

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