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stressed, blessed, and pink obsessed.

Berkeley, California, USA
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Arwen. M · 86 answers · 5mo

kamu pake pfp/ava siapa dan kenapa pilih itu?

kEFFYYY ✩ · 12 answers · 5mo

udh pd libur blm!!!!! liburan mau ngapain ajanih 😆

udaaahh :D tapi belum tau mau ngapain T___T kayanya bakal gabut aja sampe februari 😞

kEFFYYY ✩ · 10 answers · 5mo

hiiii how was todaaayy

Since this was asked yesterday, I'll share how my day went. Yesterday was a complete disaster 😭😭😭. I had been eagerly waiting for IVE concert, had everything booked – transportation, hotel, and more – only to find out it got rescheduled to August. T____T

ayi ☆ · 12 answers · 6mo

kalian ada rencana mau liburan kemana pas akhir tahun nanti?

Daiciiii · 10 answers · 6mo

Hello buddy! is there anyone can suggest me one song from your favorite artist? Coincidentally, I want to explore new songs

kEFFYYY ✩ · 9 answers · 6mo

how was december so faaarr

My December has been quite exhausting as we're nearing the final exam season 😭😭. Dealing with numerous pre-final exam projects adds to the stressT____T

Aishlynne · 8 answers · 6mo

Siapa mau jadi pacarku? Kalau nggak ada yang mau aku tunjuk yaaaa ૮꒰⸝⸝> ̫ <⸝⸝꒱ა

kana · 35 answers · 6mo

if you can only choose one, which one will you choose: to love or to be loved?

NyaOm! · 19 answers · 6mo

kamu tipe yang terang terangan kalo lagi naksir orang, apa tipe yang diem diem aja sampe crush nya jadian sama orang lain?

Diem aja 😭 i've gone through a traumatic experience yang bikin aku gamau terang terangan lagi kalau suka orang

Sasmita. · 14 answers · 6mo

kalau beli gacoan, kalian biasanya beli yang lvl brp?

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