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Do you find sixpacks attractive?


Do you find sixpacks attractive?

I actually find the look quite nice when it is a sporty person, but if it is very obviously a body bragging feature meant to impress and seduce others I find it counter productive. I like girls with muscles, I like men with muscles, but it is like having cool red hair. It's rare and it is not a must for me to find you attractive.

I find the heart, mind and soul attached to those six packs more important.

I really find the 'two pack' attractive on a body - that little definition line on a tight tummy - my word!

Not on women, kinda the opposite. On guys, I guess I find them, or at least muscularity in general, "aesthetic" or "handsome" but not attractive.

I love the kind of woman who will actually just kill me

No, I think all bodies are unattractive. That's actually why I had my entire body removed and replaced with an embroidered tea towel that has a bee on it and says, "Bee Positive"

It's neither here nor there for me - I would frankly choose a woman with a huge belly first, if her heart was huge as well