Pandy asked about 1 year ago · 11 answers

Tell me something you're grateful for?

Having skin. Because if I didn't have any skin, people could think I'm too gnarly and too hardcore. And then they'd be intimated, and refuse to give me little cheese cubes when I go to their houses.

People don't offer me little cheese cubes when I go to their houses, but they also don't refuse to give me any. So I've nearly found the sweet spot, and I don't want to do anything (like be a walking Bodies: The Exhibition specimen) that could throw me off track.

A year ago, for some reason, I signed up to cap my gas and electricity prices for two years.

Someone said: Feet are God's most ugly creation! I was grateful that moment that my toes didn't look that ugly.

I'm not saying anything, because every time I express or feel gratitude for anything, it soon gets taken away.

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