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What are your habits when you're in love?

It has been a long time since I last developed my feelings for someone, but I tend to express my interest toward them directly once I have no hesitation with my feelings.

(talking about them 24/7) and then my friend was like “km naksir dia ya?”, me: ha? enggaaaaaklah!!! (believe me girls, it’s a yes)

Overthinking dikit mikir dianya suka sama kita apa enggak dan tentu saja jadi orang tolol kalau udah naksir orang. And I'll put my attention fully to them so ya gitu deh. 😂

Detaching myself from people because I'm that stupid person that when they're in love will think that what he needs is only that one person. Singkatnya sih jadi bloon.

Dengerin lagu romantis yang lucu-lucu, kalo udah talking stage bacain convo dengan crush 10 kali sebelum tidur, nyari tau tentang dia, sksd sama temennya, yaaa pokoknya begitu deh.

Many people notice that while I am in the phase of falling in love, I am very total and visible in my desire to offer my lover everything I have, provide him with the most comfortable space, and ensure his safety at all times. For example, I once gave some things to my loved ones that he (thankfully) liked. Kalau konteksnya virtual, pernah menyempatkan ke domisilinya

Kelamaan jomblo sampai mikir dulu gua mau jawab ini. Kayanya, I’m clingy af. Terus gue suka nyari tau tentang hal-hal yang dia suka, biar kalau diajak ngobrol gue paham dan nyambung. Suka dengerin lagu bucin dan ngasih lagunya ke dia juga.

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