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where do you see fedi in 10 years?

Definitely still around. It's been here since 2008 after all.

Hard to say for sure how it'll look like. Hopefully it won't be commercialized.

It would still exist, but probably be a niche, because something new/better came along that took users by storm.

In the managerial position, or maybe even boss. Who knows what opportunities await fedi in the next 10 years

10 years? I could see it hopefully having already replaced mainstream social medias.

Maybe similar to the state email is in now. Only a few big players of big companies that vaguely and without notice filter out the small or individuals' instances. Or maybe literally nothing will happen, I wouldn't be surprised of that either, but we'll see.

Honestly, I hope to see it thriving, but for that to happen, there really needs to be a move away from a virtual monoculture where there is 1 main implementation with 95% of the users(masto and forks), and more towards a model where many implementations are designed for different purposes. I also think there needs to be more thought put into the social model of it, where things like locking or at least limiting comments, non-"note"(post, toot, etc) kinds of posts are done, and really I think that the ideas we have now just need to be expanded upon and more set in stone.

I see it growing a lot and being used even more than it is now, particularly with birdsite crashing the way it is. I also see people branching out from just Mastodon and discovering the other networks like Misskey. fingers crossed

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