BobOmbMonkey asked 4 months ago · 12 answers

I keep seeing more and more signs that I'm autistic. I've scored high on several of the official tests. Is it valid to "self-evaluate," or do most of you go and get an in-person evaluation?

i have not been diagnosed with autism but i am extremely confident that i am and everyone around me agrees

I have seen some signs in myself the last years too but don't think self evaluation will help, so better go see a specialist to see if it's that or if it can be other thing

It's worth getting a formal diagnosis if it opens up ways to get support you need or might need in the future.

Always get a confirmed diagnosis from a health professional! It's too easy to slip into the wrong place.

However, self-diagnosis can be important to at least notice something's not right, so I'd say it can be an important tool, but incomplete.

This kind of reminds me of my depression - I would self evaluate, every other website has those checklist articles for it....I go to a professional, they asked me the exact same questions and diagnose me based on my answers...still, a professional perspective is probably for the best, especially if you're going to want to try medication as a treatment

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