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Tell me a story that inspired one of your questions

I usually include the inspiration source inside brackets at the beginning of my questions. A couple of weeks ago I asked "Have you ever been asked to join a Bible study group?" because some days earlier I had been approached by a dude that asked me the same question. Someone else also asked me this a couple of days ago when I went to Target to buy some stuff. Apparently, my face screams unchristian.

It can be videos, words from someone, a livestream, music, usually my own mind landing on something.

Me and ex-girlfriend standing hand in hand at a train station in Berlin. Old bat from behind (mumbling) :' Yeah, better hold each others hand so you both get ran over by the train in case only one is pushed.' - My ex:' Shut up, so your farts are not leaked by mouth and naturally exit by arse to propel you far away!' -- My question: How will that old bat be punished in hell and what exquisite tortures would you propose to the devil in order to rearrange justice and balance?

You know those people who have been around you since young ages and seem to cross your path every now and then? There was this guy I knew (but wasn't more than a classmate) from elementary school. In 2019 I recognised his pic while scrolling through twitter (totally not stalky behavior), and then after some chit-chat he revealed he was studying at the same school I was. We basically cut contact after we graduated, but I just met him at uni today and guess what? He's an accounting student as well.

I had an “informal” observation last week and I got a compliment that seemed very genuine and hit me in the feels but I wasn’t sure how to respond. It’s hard for me to take compliments other than to say thank you. That was the reason why I asked how easily all of you received them. 0-10.

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